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Hello, I'm Dr. Michael Roizen,

I'm certified by both the boards of anesthesiology and the American Board of Internal Medicine. I'm past chairman of the Food and Drug Administration advisory committee. I'm the chief wellness officer of the Cleveland Clinic.

I've appeared more than 18 times on Oprah Winfrey, Good Morning America, CNN and The Dr. Oz Show.

But this isn't about me; this is about you, your practice, and the practice promotion leader in your field, Ben Altadonna.

Quite frankly, until I met Ben, I only thought of chiropractic as very useful for back pain, or for back spasms. But, he has taught me more about what chiropractic is and what it does.

I'm so impressed that I am a contributing author for ChiroTrust doctors. Ben is one of the few people in chiropractic that I've come across that seems to spread chiropractic message into the mainstream.

If you are not a ChiroTrust member I urge you to become one.

Dr. Michael Roizen, M.D.
Chief Wellness Officer of The Cleveland Clinic

Why this doctor returned to Chiropractic…
Hear what this doctor decided to do in a town of only 1,400 people…
An M.D.’s choice words to the general public about Chiropractic…
Chiropractor moves into parent’s basement, declares bankruptcy and then did the unthinkable…
Chiropractic consultants pray that you don’t see this video…
Super ambitious? Is your personal life this good?...It could be!

“Just finished my 2nd week open in my new office. I've had 15 new patients and did 25 this week on three days…”

Jason Lyles, D.C.

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Michael Reiss, D.C.

“As soon as we started doing this, our numbers, within about a month, tripled. I couldn't believe it.”

Dr. Duncan, D.C.

“139 visits this week. Another 14 new ones. My target for this year... was 80 visits per week. This is fantastic!”

Craig Butler, D.C.

You are the best thing to happen to chiropractic!!…im seeing 200 pt a week 30 of which are new all in 28 hours a week!! All stress free with 2 ca’s in 800 sq ft. I have so much to say but I know u are all about being concise.”

Charles Archer, D.C.

“New patient visit still strong as heck… 14 new patients today. That makes 110 for the month so far.”

Billy Rodriguez, D.C.

I love what ChiroTrust does for its members and am proud to be a part of it.

Dan Murphy, D.C., DABCO

"ChiroTrust has got me to the point where I don't have to think about the practice. Every weekend for me is a vacation... I don't worry at all from where that new patient is going to come from. They just continue to come in."

Ray Marquez, D.C.

"I joined initially because it seemed like a win/win with little out of pocket to gain some knowledge.  I had tried several other "coaching" groups, and was very disillusioned and discouraged.  Also out tens of thousands of dollars.  After implementing your strategies…my practice began to grow effortlessly.  I just appreciate the no BS approach to dealing with practice, patients, marketing, and success.  Appreciate you.  Thanks."

Wil Holdsworth, D.C.

"You are the best thing to happen to chiropractic!! Your company has taught me how to look act and be successful as a chiro. In 5 years im seeing 200 pt a week 30 of which are new all in 28 hours a week!! All stress free with 2 ca’s in 800 sq ft. I have so much to say but I know u are all about being concise.

You rock!"

C. Archer, D.C.

"I have been with ChiroTrust since 2012 and would recommend them highly to any chiroprator who wants to serve more patients and have a great support system with help in mamy areas of practice. It is well worth the money and I recommend you join them ASAP. Have a great day!!!"

Gregory E. Johnson, D.C.

"Listen to ChiroTrust… Stop chasing new patients. We get 200+ new patients monthly…"

Thaddeus Gala, D.C.

ChiroTrust recently helped the fight to preserve
Texas D.C.s right to diagnose with a check to
The Texas Chiropractic Association for $10,000.00

"I love what ChiroTrust does for its members and am proud to be a part of it."
- Dan Murphy, D.C., DABCO

Big Practice, Big Overhead, and Big Headaches?
Stable, Stuck, but Surviving?
Or Bummed, Broke, and Barely Making It?

These are the Top 3 Reasons Why Good Chiropractors
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Practices Made Perfect™

If you would like ChiroTrust to start attracting patients to your office by April 1st, sign up no later than Wednesday, March 28th

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“Chiropractic's problem isn't that it is misunderstood, it's that it fails to understand the market.”

Ben Altadonna

Ben Altadonna

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Frequently Asked Questions

My practice was fine until recently and now it seems like nothing brings in new patients. How do I know that ChiroTrust works?

Great question, we get that a lot. We have found that most D.C.s struggle to get everything done on their own. Chances are, everything that you’ve tried before was either not what people/patients wanted, or you just didn’t have enough time, desire, or money necessary to pull it off. We are not consultants. We don’t sell shovels, we do most of the shoveling for you. ChiroTrust works because ChiroTrust does most of the work. That way, nothing else to do, nothing else to buy. If you want ChiroTrust’s founder Ben Altadonna to know more about you, your practice, and what you’ve tried in the past or what you are doing now, pick a time and he’ll give you a call. Click here.

My practice is great but I feel like I work too much. I’m getting burned out. I don't really need more new patients but rather, more free time. Can ChiroTrust help me get my life back?

Yes, as ChiroTrust grew, its founder had the same problem: too many hats to wear. By eliminating, automating, and outsourcing, he continues to spend time only on his unique abilities—those things that truly bring value to his clients. Practices get complex over time. It’s a part of growth but can also limit your growth. Schedule a call with Ben if you like, he can share his personal story with you and explain why ChiroTrust’s free member support and more free time are exactly what you and your practice need. To schedule your call, click here.

I have a corrective and wellness care practice. ChiroTrust seems to be more symptom oriented. Will ChiroTrust still work for me?

We have found that our corrective/wellness members experience the greatest practice growth after they first attract more patients in the door and to do that, you must accept the unfortunate fact that most patients come in with a symptom. Provided that you offer patients care options and put their needs before your own, how you address that symptom is up to you. We’ll do our job and attract them for you, then you do yours.

Would practices that offer other services in addition to Chiropractic care still benefit from ChiroTrust?

Yes because patients start off with the same or similar chief complaints. How you address and treat those complaints and what you offer to your patients is up to you. We will also market any and all practice-related websites and/or social media accounts that you already have.

How does ChiroTrust attract patients?

ChiroTrust attracts patients by marketing and positioning your practice on and offline in such a way that patients become confident in choosing you as their doctor and referring others to your practice.

How long does it take to see results?

If you provide us what we request and follow our new member instructions, typically 2-4 weeks.

Are there any other costs involved?

No. Your ChiroTrust membership fee is all-inclusive. Some members pay to boost their ChiroTrust articles on Facebook or mail them to their patients but most members don’t need to.

Does each doctor in our practice need to join separately or does one membership cover every doc in our office?

If you have a partner or associates on staff, then we will include them in the marketing for your practice at no additional charge. However, only you can attend committee meetings at no charge. If you share office space with another doctor but have separate practices, then each doctor must join separately.

I own more than one location. Does one membership cover all locations?

If you have two locations, the second location will be covered under one membership. If you have three or more locations, you will need to purchase additional memberships.

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